Thursday, August 5, 2010

Perhaps I am done...

Well, this painting started out wanting to be loose, then kept on developing and retained many loose brushstrokes, but still flowered in areas in a more refined paintng technique. what can I say? I love th etwo styles and for now will keep doing them both. Anyway! Where this painting evolved is more surprising, for me, and that is , I started putting other elements in to tell a story. The word, YESTERDAY ( which still may change in color...or go completely) on the black strip defines her stare and focus, then I had a vision of many bees flying around her. Where do these visions come from? I reduced it to one, big killer bee, that is ripe and ready to strike and sting her neck at any given notice! This was painted as the universes' answer to her conundrum. You know how it is. All of the sudden life throws a curve ball and wakes you up? Suddenly you are in the present and moving into the longer stuck staring at your past. That is the story I am telling here. But I like hearing what story it told to you from your perspective!

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