Saturday, September 11, 2010


well, it has come to my attention that the water in my new painting confuses people, and that's understandable...I had no real reference with the subject in water and my imagination screwed things up a little visually. I am going to tweak the edges of the water around the figure and make a horizon line behind her rise some to enhance the perspective and give a better sense of her actually being in the water. You know, I get so excited by what I am painting I see it finished before it is....and I did have a feeling things were not exact with the reality of the water around her, I didn't get what was off. Reading the confusion in e-mails from friends who I shared the picture with made me sure I had to fix something! DRew , my love and husband, helped me to realize what exactly needed to shift, so...on the easel the painting went and it's going to be better...... yay. On another note, I photographed my next subject on thursday, and I got some great photographs. Her name is Lauren and she is a beautiful creature. I can't wait to see where the art gods take this painting, though I have an idea brewing ....bringing energy of the deer to the canvas...I see antlers on her head ;)

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