Sunday, June 26, 2011

more drawing and joy/creation

So today, I wanted to write about the joy/creation energy that I am tapping right now. It's interesting, being a person who finds joy in doing and trying different creative directions, I have noticed that my core love in art - in spite of my range of abilities and joy in tapping those, is in fact the thing I have done since I was a small child- drawing. Maybe it's where I am at in my age, or just that I have finally acknowledged a truth that quietly waited for me to go back to while I have experimented elsewhere, but I feel like because I said yes to this part of me, because I made it valid, because I love doing it and not because it is what I see in every gallery window or showroom, I feel reunited to an old dear friend and my heart soars even writing about it!
I feel like because I have said yes to my drawing, my drawings have taken off in a way I could never have imagined. My hands are happy and moving and I am taking risks and just doing the art. How patient our private joys are as we intellectualize our way through life to make money or try to conform without losing ourselves completely so we can succeed at make a living or more- be noticed, appreciated and claim notoriety. Ironically, revisiting this huge part of myself that served as a tool for my paintings to cover for the past several years is galloping out of the gate. I cannot wait to approach my drawing board and add to...create more with my hand on fire and my heart singing again.

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