Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When I look back

When I look back at my old sketch books, I am reminded of how all along I have just loved to capture the likeness and souls of those around me. I didn't think I would harness that exact love to a career so much because I thought "portrait art" was just so....boring! Finally in the past several years, I just decided to do what I love - paint people, and just make it not boring! A beautiful work of art is not boring and having a part of you resonate with what you see emotionally from a painting is not boring. I strive in my portraits to create large, beautiful moments of truth. Moments we as viewers relate to from deep within. The subjects of my paintings are captured in a place inside and touching on an emotion and feeling that is stiring and personal, yet we all share these emotions. I love that I had done that in my childhood and all through the years, not worrying or judging whether it was cool or not. I am happily embracing now, the joy of what I love to capture and create and owning that as a gift to share.
I love that me as a child has taught me , the adult so much. I hope you enjoy viewing some of these old portrait sketches I have posted!

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