Monday, April 26, 2010

Water for Elephants....

WoW! I just completed a job painting 10 incredibly fun paintings for the movie Water for Elephants. The subject matter was 1930's circus banner art, and it was a fast and crazy pace:
10 paintings in about a week's time, from design to finish. In case you don't know this about me. I am fast. I paint fast and design fast. That is a real plus if you make art for movies, because they always need it...yesterday? Anyway, the paintings were painted small and they will be scanned large to banner size, and through the magic of the art dept. made to look authentic and worn, no doubt. I won't really be able to show photo' s of these paintings for a while- until the movie is released, is my bet. It's just the way it goes. Why ruin a good surprise, right? I love making art for the movie world. I love being asked to do the seemingly impossible and to paint images I normally would not paint. It's great fun and I feel blessed to be able to paint with such diversity . I always keep learning more by seeing the different and painting it with no time to ask questions.


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  2. I am glad to read the article about you because the writer recognizes that you are the amazing artist that I have always known you to be.
    And you are. And always have been.
    Your ability to capture such an accurate likeness of your subject is uncanny. But what is most unique, you take your viewer on a very personal journey. Your work is profound because your paintings reach out and touch the viewer, speaking to them directly. Leaving with them the story that is meant for them and them alone. The message delivered is unique for each person who has the good fortune to embrace your beautiful art. I am excited that the world is able to see your amazing talent and experience the your gift of true art.