Wednesday, May 19, 2010

inching to a glimps- thank you, Christina

I have had the hardest time catching that moment that I love to paint in my portraits. I have recently photographed four unique and lovely people to potentially paint, and have taken over 400 photographs in total, without seeing that ...moment of truth I blindly look for with my eyes, but find when my heart tells me. I have had this empty canvas staring at me for weeks and I have had my fill of the "leg" work part of being self employed. Anyway! So, it is time to make a painting and I have felt unable. I imagine it must be like writer's block, a dead feeling and seemingly reluctant state refusing to lighten up, but the other night before falling asleep, the heavens whispered in my ears to review some of my older photographs of Christina Ricci. She was such a fun subject. She gave me so much to choose from, emoting on different levels- theatrical and personal...the perfect blend given generously by the great actors. I found a new image. It was there all along and yet, who I was before, didn't pick up on what stood out to me just yesterday. So, the photographs I have recently taken may not yield images that sing to me today, however, they may tomorrow....
I am excited by this sweet image of Christina and when it becomes truth as a fixture living on the canvas, I will post the painting in it's stages for your enjoyment.

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