Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Water for Elephants....

Here is the address for a wonderful blog for the movie I just painted those circus paintings for:


There is an interview of me and so many fun and wonderful facts about the making of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.
You will enjoy this beautiful and artistic site!


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  2. I am glad to read the article about you because you are recognized as the amazing artist that I have always known you to be.
    And you are. And always have been.
    Your ability to capture such an accurate likeness of your subject is uncanny. But what is most unique, you take your viewer on a very personal journey. Your work is profound because your paintings reach out and touch the viewer, speaking to them directly. Leaving with them the story that is meant for them and them alone. The message delivered is unique for each person who is has the good fortune to embrace your lovely work. I am excited to learn that the world is able to see your amazing talent and experience the gift you are so generously giving.