Friday, June 4, 2010

observations on the observers

I just wanted to comment on the types of comments I get on my paintings and what they say to me. They really are a fun way to see how people see or want to look outside of the daily list of things they look at. Even though my paintings are large, they are often only seen on a computer screen by many people, so the images go from being sixty inches tall to eight, so the intensity levels of the emotion of my subjects is automatically reduced. I find that a lot of people really respond to the clever and jolting in art. They want to be taken in a hurry to some place they have not thought to ever go. My paintings actually do that to, but not in an obvious way. If a viewer takes the time to get past whether or not they like realism or like "portraiture", they can be transported very far and very deeply to another place. My paintings are subtle now. The first group of affirmation paintings- which I treasure and love, were not subtle. I decided to see how deep and profoundly I could go with out the loudness or pull of the yanking chain. I like the subtle now. I like the quiet. Will you stop long enough to be taken in? Will you let this person on the canvas make you ask who they are or what they make you feel?
I am interested in the magic of the emotional dance that occurs when the viewer is actually engaged in the piece. I find it a bit sad when my art is judged as a type of art that is deemed uninteresting and as a result not explored. My gift is not the technique. The gift is the journey I hope to take you on by presenting you, the viewer , with a soul in a place in time that is showing and sharing a glimpse of their truth as a human walking beside you on your journey. What do you share in common? What do you wish to avoid by seeing the face on the canvas? Or.....can the beauty just be enough to make you feel uplifted and inspired in some way?

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Linda! You know, it's a mutual admiration society!