Thursday, June 17, 2010

Evolving Christina

So, I started a new painting of Christina Ricci, who I was thrilled to have come and sit for me last year. Her photographs were, as you can imagine, fantastic. The new pose and my evolving painting style show a very different portrait than the one currently on my web site from less than a year ago. I can see that my strokes are looser, even though the image is still realistic. It's so interesting to see what comes off my brush each time I paint, if for nothing else than to see how time and life effect what is produced.
I initially thought I would be making daily posts and observations to the blog as I painted, but you know, the journey has so much to say and I am still not completely finished with the painting. Also, up until now, for me, I simply had to give myself completely over to the canvas and not dissect it in any way on a blog or to a person ....
I hope you enjoy the images from sketch to practically done. The painting is several paintings on its journey to whatever my finish is for it. I enjoy the many stages of its evolution and I hope you will too.

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