Friday, September 30, 2011

1078 Gallery Exhibit

Well, here I am standing in front of two of my Civil War drawings that were a part of the exhibit of my work and my sister, Elizabeth Newman Kuiper's photography. I showed several paintings and three of my new drawings of Civil War soldiers and generals...hero's. I was happy how all of the work was enjoyed by the guests who visited the exhibit, and I sold the portrait of Christina Ricci - the one I have posted on this blog some time ago. That was fantastic, and I also had some very enthusiastic responses to my drawings! I am thrilled because I am so loving the experience of drawing these historical figures. It has been more rewarding than I ever could have dreamed on a personal level, and I see that they resonate so strongly with those who view them as well. Such potent history lives in our DNA I suppose, and the emotion and passion, courage and dignity of those who fought in the Civil War touches a nerve. I am a staunch pacifist and never imagined my being engrossed in drawing portraits of soldiers and generals of any war. If it were not for my dream that triggered this entire group of drawings, I never would be making them. I am so grateful that I am. As a result of doing reference on the subjects and research for photographs, I have become more curious and learned more about this incredible part of the USA's history. I am revisiting Ken Burns' documentary- which I saw a while back and enjoyed, but not like I am now. It's hard to say that I am enjoying a documentary that show so much death and struggle, but it really is such a graceful lesson on such a hard and violent war and turning point for the country as a whole. If you would like to see more photo's of the exhibit at the 1078 Gallery or want to see more of my drawings and paintings, I invite you to my web site: Sign up on my mailing list...follow me on twitter and or face book! Thank you for taking time to read this blog, too. I hope you have enjoyed it!

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