Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here is a picture of my latest drawing to date. It is a drawing I did from a photograph I took in a park near where I am staying while in Toronto. 
Let me begin by saying I am surprised to be as excited as I am to be drawing landscapes. I have always loved portraiture and still do! I loved capturing the spirit and soul of those who sat for me on canvas. I like going deep with what I show of the person I am painting or drawing. While drawing my Civil War soldier group, I was absorbed by the depth of life experience in their faces and eyes in particular. The history for me became a moving and relevant attraction to my decision to draw these figures as I  made the drawings. Well into drawing the Civil War portraits, I started having these feelings of wanting to continue with a historical bend to my work, capturing a historical image in ballpoint pen giving a pop art twist to a rather formal and stayed image and the idea came to me to approach the old baroque landscape paintings. Make them glorious but again a bit tongue in cheek- with the ball point pen making them a cross-over work of art appealing to a formal eye but ironic and cool- appealing to the contemporary art lover as well. 
I started by drawing two 18th century baroque paintings and they were fun and took me into an appreciation of capturing the love of nature in my art. I have been visiting Toronto for several months and enjoying walks in this park near by. I have taken many photographs on my walks and feel quite passionate about what I see and feel while in the park. I decided that instead of continuing with copying these historical paintings, I could use my own photographs as reference and in essence, create my own baroque visual. The drawing I have posted above is my first such drawing. It is 40 inches by 32 inches in size. 
I plan to continue to make these drawings as they are very stimulating to make and beautiful look at. 
Like the Civil War drawings, the penmanship is quite loose and scribbled lines make the drawing a double experience because as you can see from the image as small as it is here, it looks like I drew every leaf, but upon close inspection, the drawing is painterly and free. 
I do hope you like it.

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