Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long Time

Long Time no share...It has been a while since I have posted. I have been so busy traveling and creating new work. The latest news is my show at a wonderful gallery in East Hampton, NY called DAVENPORT AND SHAPIRO FINE ARTS. They are featuring my CIVIL WAR drawings for the summer!

Also, I have been traveling and settled with my husband in Toronto for several months. We are here because my husband is designing a show for NETFLIX called- HEMLOCK GROVE. This will be a crazy horror type show that is quirky and creative for sure. I have had the opportunity to paint two works of art for the show: a portrait and a painting of two dogs fighting. I can't post these yet as it is not ethical until the show starts up! I have also painted these crazy box shoes for a character who is well over 7ft tall.

Besides the artwork for the tv show, I have actively been drawing my "personal" artwork. I have drawn a new Civil War soldier named Nimrod Burke, and completed a drawing that ventures into a whole other area for me- the landscape. Still influenced by historical reference and imagery, I have felt compelled to go for baroque and paint with my ballpoint pen a lush and contemporary version of 19th century landscape painting. What I am offering with this artwork is a grand image done with a common tool....ballpoint pen. The contrast is satirical and kind of amazing at the same time because the end result is truly beautiful and lush. I chose blue ink for this group and the image is reminiscent of the landscapes found in the center of old porcelain platters from England and China.
My first landscape drawing is a copy of a painting by Jan Van Goyen - a dutch painter. I am going to head into the landscape paintings of a group of historical landscape artists known as The Hudson River School, who painted American landscapes in the 1800's.

I am enjoying being inspired by the historical image- either by the portraits of Civil War soldiers or the landscapes. They both challenge me to recreate the beauty, profundity and delicacy inherent within and I like weaving the mundane ballpoint pen as the medium into the mix adding a comical and amazing spin on these images that provoke emotion for so many of us.

I hope you enjoy these images. You can join me on Face Book on LINDA NEWMAN BOUGHTON ARTIST page and find me on Twitter as well. My link is on my web site:

All the best!

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