Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sharing a Blog

Today I wanted to share a blog by Heather Taylor of Los Angeles. Heather is co-owner/curator of the Los Angeles gallery TAYLOR DE CORDOBA and blog goddess of the blog:LA in BLOOM.  

I became acquainted with Heather's blog through my love of her gallery. Without question I would like to show my artwork there. Her posse of artists is unique and and chosen with  a discerning and delicate eye. There is a spiritual under-tow to all of the artwork that shows there that I love and relate to. 

When doing research on the gallery and on Heather, I came upon a gem- her blog!
She features great articles on food and recipe's, jewelry and clothing....home accessories   and they all come from that same wonderful place that her choice of artists comes, spirit and a sort of inherent purity. 

She is inspired and generous with what she shares. Her blog has an amazing list of blogs she follows and likes and I found a few to follow regularly there myself.

I hope you visit her blog and really look around at all she has to offer there. It's wonderful, really, and above all brimming with beauty.

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