Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What delights you?

I recently read a passage where I became aware that it would behoove me to list my delights and pinpoint what energizes me. I made that list and the poignancy really hit home weeks after I made that list more than immediately after. When I revisited what I wrote my vibration lifted noticeably! I felt connected to a happy part of myself just by reading the words. 

This photograph taken by my friend Kelly Ray certainly delights me, so I decided to post it. Hmmm now other things that delight moi?

 Here is my list: Sunshine, nature, children, puppies and cats, music, knowing I am loved by my husband and family, fashion, art, weather, drives to..anywhere, great food and wine, friendship- my lovely friends, kindness to and from others, breakfast and dinner with my husband, weekends, fragrances,the folks at the corner market,my favorite tree in the park, my lovely walks in the park, wonderful design of any kind and innovative creativity.

It may seem mundane , but making this list and revisiting it feels REALLY good. I hope you give it a try.

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