Friday, November 16, 2012

Allow me!

There is wonder in this world and there is undeniable LOVE that guides us - I am sure. Sometimes it can feel hard to believe this when I sit in pain and confusion over some of my hoped for daily experiences, but as I release more of the self created restrictions on what would make my life "perfect" I feel happier and more assured that I am being led to a very good place all the time. I am finding that BELIEF yields a certain allowance for a greater power to "show" me the way forward, belief in myself, belief that I am not alone and belief a universal love that is always there and easier to experience and feel when my own fears are quieted. This belief frees my mind. My freed mind is more happy, relaxed, inspired and positive. A total energy shift happens and I feel that excitement in my gut. The excitement is my steady and undying companion because it's always there when I am ready to embrace it again. Then answers show up in the most unexpected places and I am wowed again by the beauty and magic in daily life. 

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