Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good News

I just returned form a trip I took to Florida to take down a group of drawings that hung in a group show in St. Petersburg, Florida, and then headed to New York City to meet an owner of a gallery in Chelsea and in East Hampton. Both meetings went incredibly well; the best being my meeting with Howard Shapiro of Lawrence Fine Arts in E. Hampton. After reviewing my drawings he scooped them up and gave me a show in July! This is an unbelievable opportunity given the residents in E. Hampton over the July 4th holidays. My Civil War drawings will grace the walls of the gallery and hopefully find new homes as a result! I have more to make and also new ideas brewing keeping the whole historical look in my art going forward. I feel it all quite strongly as a resonance and comfort to make drawings with this element and feel as we gallop forward in time.

I also have recently completed a sketch book for a movie shooting in New Orleans called: Beautiful Creatures. The drawings n the book are for the main character- a 17 year old boy, who dreams of escaping the small town he lives in and is haunted by dreams of a girl...
Ironically, this movie has Civil War elements running through its veins.

I am excited and more hopeful than ever. It feels so wonderful to have a green light to show these drawings to a large group of people this summer!

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